Generative AI tools make creating valuable content faster.

We’re living in a time when AI can help humans create high-quality content faster than ever. AI tools like GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2, and Imagen generate long-form text, images, even video from simple text prompts.

AI tools are hard to use if you’re not technical.

Right now, developers are the only ones who can really access and use generative AI tools.

We’re making it easy for everyone to create and collaborate with AI.

That’s why we’re building Chaos Reactor—the open-source, no-code platform where everyone can harness the power of AI.


Chaos Reactor is the no-code desktop application that simplifies the process of building, saving, and collaborating on generative AI workflows. Chaos Reactor users can connect to different AI providers like Open AI and Stability, then use a well-designed UI to link together AI prompts to generate long-form text, images, videos, and even code. Users can also track, view, and restore previous versions of their work. Our tool enables everyone, especially those less technical, to create and generate the AI output they want quickly and consistently.


Regardless of technical ability, everyone should be able to access and use generative AI for work, research, or pleasure. We want to ensure students, researchers, and marginalized communities can leverage the power of generative AI as simply as large corporations. We are on a mission to empower the creators whose work is most impacted by this technology with Chaos Reactor.


We’re building a community of generative AI creators to share knowledge and provide feedback on making this technology more accessible and usable. Join our community.


Chaos Reactor will be commercial open source. We believe technology this powerful should be open so that anyone can access it and contribute to the future of work and creativity. We want to ensure students, researchers, and marginalized communities can leverage the power of this tool as easily as large corporations. Contribute on GitHub.